Corporate Philosophy



 Management Philosophy
With the creative spirit, we will strive to create an ultimate living standard for humanity, and contribute to the harmony and co-prosperity with customers, employees and other stakeholders in the real estate industry.
The creative spirit has been a driving force in leading IDE to where it is today.
It is the permanent component for IDE to actively respond to change in the management system and seek creative and self–innovative system. With the creative spirit, we create profitable debt business, the prime objective of an enterprise.
Furthermore, we take responsibility for the environment and community we belong to, and offer sustainable mobility in order to implement our corporate philosophy and provide benefits to all stakeholders including customers, executives, employees, suppliers, and communities for the future.
Living Standard of Tomorrow is our mid to long-term vision with three core strategies: Product Inspiration, Product Differentiation and Product Evolution.
We aim to create paradigm of living space via developing human–centered and environment–friendly technological innovation. 




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